EVA solar film market situation in China

December 30, 2021

Latest company news about EVA solar film market situation in China

EVA is an ethylene-vinyl acetate co-polymer. Compared with polyethylene products, EVA contains VA monomer in the molecular chain, thereby reducing its crystallization, improving flexibility, impact resistance, filler compatibility and heat sealing performance .


EVA products have the characteristics of heat insulation, heat preservation, shock resistance, non-water absorption, etc., and are widely used in photovoltaic film, foaming, coating, packaging film, hot melt adhesive, cables and toys.


The approximately consumption of EVA resin in China in 2020 is 1.864 million tons, of which the consumption of photovoltaic materials is about 630,000 tons, accounting for 34%, and it has surpassed foam materials to become the largest consumption demand.


latest company news about EVA solar film market situation in China  0


The current high growth of the photovoltaic industry is highly certain. However, due to multiple factors such as process technology, ramp-up cycle and economic considerations, it is difficult to improve the mismatch of supply and demand of EVA photovoltaic materials in the photovoltaic industry chain, and the expected high prosperity of this industry will continue.